Chairman Spencer De Li
Vice Chairman LU Lin
Vice Chairman GUO Bao
Board of Directors  
Director-General HUANG Kaicheng
Vice Director-General JIANG Zuzheng
Vice Director-General WANG Zengzhen
Vice Director-General ZHANG Ruimin
Syndic Cai Tianji
Syndic Kuo Shih-Ya
Syndic Guo Jong-Long
Syndic Hsu Hua-Fu
Syndic Liu Jianhong
Syndic Mo Guanyao
Syndic Wu Jiang
Syndic Zhang Kai
Syndic Zhang Hongwei
Syndic Zhong Hua
Board of Supervisors  
Chief Supervisor Yang Shu-lung
Vice Chief Supervisor Cheung Yuet Wah           
Vice Chief Supervisor Zhang Yongan
Supervisor Chen Chin-Ming
Supervisor Chiou Hsien-Huei
Supervisor Hou Yuangao
Supervisor Shi Jingxuan
Supervisor Wang Daohong
Supervisor Xiang Yutao
Secretary-General Tang Wei    
Treasurer Liang Min
Secretary Xia Yiwei
Secretary Liu Tzu-suan
Secretary Xiong Ruoshan
Secretary Zhang Xiaohua
Council Unit Yunnan Institute for Drug Abuse

Note: The same positions are arranged in alphabetical order of their surnames.