Usage Agreement

Asian Association for Substance Abuse Research Website Service Usage Agreement


1. Service description

1.1 Asian Association for Substance Abuse Research (AASAR) provides you with the following services:

1.1.1 Official website of AASAR: Asia (and any other websites operated by AASAR).

1.1.4 Servers and network storage space directly owned or operated by AASAR.

1.1.5 Various promotion and publicity services provided by AASAR to you.

1.2 The services provided by AASAR are limited to the above contents, and any behavior other than the above is not the services provided by AASAR as agreed in this agreement. AASAR shall not be liable for any consequences arising therefrom, and AASAR will reserve the right to investigate the legal liability of the perpetrator according to law. The services provided by AASAR are only for non-commercial use by users. Users shall not use the services provided by AASAR for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of AASAR.

1.3 AASAR has the right to announce to users in advance (including but not limited to pop-up announcements, website home page announcements and system messages) to modify, replace and upgrade any software related to AASAR services. If the user does not agree or accept the modification, replacement, and upgrade of AASAR related software, please directly refuse, stop and cancel the use. Otherwise, it shall be deemed that the user agrees and accepts and is still bound by this agreement.

1.4 the term "user" in this agreement includes all users who log in, browse AASAR website and use AASAR services.


2. Content on AASAR website

2.1 The content on AASAR website refers to any information, data, text, software, music, audio, photos, graphics, videos, information, links, or other materials transmitted or disseminated through AASAR upload, posting or any other means.

2.2 In the case of involving third-party links and resources, the third-party content provider shall be fully responsible for the content provided by it. If it causes losses to AASAR, the third-party shall also be liable for compensation to AASAR.

2.3 If you entrust AASAR to publish the content, in order to improve your content exposure and publishing efficiency, AASAR will provide you with exhibition and promotion services in Great Bay Area and even around the world. You allow AASAR to conduct necessary processing (including but not limited to translation, compilation, adaptation, etc.) by itself or by entrusting a third party when displaying the content. You confirm and agree that AASAR has the right to publicize and promote the above contents by itself or by entrusting a third party.


3. Usage rules

3.1 Users shall abide by relevant laws and regulations when logging in, browsing AASAR website and using AASAR services.

3.2 If you want to publish content on AASAR website, please contact AASAR at:

You agree and promise to:

3.2.1 The content you entrust to publish meets the requirements of relevant laws.

3.2.2 You will take full responsibility for the content you provide.

3.2.3 If the content you provide causes losses to AASAR, you shall also be liable to AASAR for compensation.

3.3 AASAR has the right to prohibit login / immediate deletion of any user / content in violation of the above terms without further notice or consent of the user.


4. Third party links and resources

Entrusted by users, AASAR may publicize and promote third-party websites or resources, and AASAR may link with other websites or resources. Unless otherwise stated, AASAR cannot fully control the content provided by third parties, and AASAR shall not be liable for the loss or damage caused by users' use or reliance on the above websites or resources. AASAR has the right to stop transmitting any of the foregoing and take corresponding measures, including but not limited to suspending the continued use of some or all services of AASAR by a third party, keeping relevant records and reporting to authorities.


5. Amendment and notice of agreement

5.1 AASAR has the right to modify this agreement according to the needs of changes in laws, policies, technical conditions, and product functions, and publish the modified agreement.

5.2 Once the above contents are officially released, AASAR will remind you of the updated contents in appropriate ways (including but not limited to pop-up windows, emails, on-site letters, website announcements, etc.) so that you can know the latest version of this agreement in time.

5.3 The revised contents will form an integral part of the agreement and you should abide by it. If you have any objection to the amended agreement, please immediately stop using AASAR and related services. If you continue to use AASAR related services, it is deemed that you have fully read, understood and accepted the updated agreement and are willing to be bound by the updated agreement.









April 6, 2022

Asian Association for Substance Abuse Research