Spencer De Li

      Professor in the Department of Sociology

      University of Macau

      Research interests:Family education and juvenile delinquent; crime prevention; corrections; substance abuse; criminal psychology; religion; child            maltreatment; quantitative and qualitative research methods.


       Vice  President                                                     


      Professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences

      University of the Philippines Manila

      Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

    Research interests: studies on drug abuse and behavioural health among young populations, social health insurance benefit packages, community-managed health programmes, delivery of health services to geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas, violence against children, children online and the sexual exploitation of children online, among others.


       Director - General                                               

        HUANG Kaicheng

        Southwest University of Political Science & Law

        Research interests: Criminal law, crime and punishment, drug crimes.



       Vice Director - General 

        JIANG Zuzhen

        The National Police University for Criminal Justice



       GUO Jong-Long

       Professor of the Department of Health Promotion and Health Education at National Taiwan Normal University

       Research interests: Substance addiction prevention and anti-drug education.



      ZHANG Xiaochu

      Professor and Associate Director of the Department of Psychology, College of Life Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China 

      Research interests: Using neuroimaging techniques to study the neural mechanisms of cognitive impairments, such as drug dependency and internet gaming addiction; utilizing neuroimaging techniques to investigate the neural mechanisms of advanced cognitive functions, such as emotions, decision-making, cravings/affection, etc.; applying real-time feedback of neural signals and transcranial electrical stimulation techniques in the treatment of addiction and other psychiatric or neurological disorders.


       President of Board of Supervisors                                                     

       YANG Shu-lung

       Professor in the Department of Crime Prevention and Corrections, National Chung Cheng University

       Research interests:Criminology, Criminal psychology, juvenile delinquency, correction, drug abuse and prevention.



       Vice President of Board of Supervisors    

      ZHONG Sara Hua 

      Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Research interests: cross-cultural comparisons of social development and crime trends by gender and age, migration and crime/victimisation in China, organisational studies on the criminal justice system, social forces of juvenile delinquency and substance abuse, social problems in broader Chinese societies and quantitative research methods.


      CAI Tianji

      Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, University of Macau

      Research interests: Data Mining, Quantitative Methods, Health Behavior, Gene and Environment Interplay.



      MO Guanyao

      Professor in the Department of Economic Law, Yunnan University

      Research interests: Criminal law, drug AIDS, border social problems, investigation.