Shilong Yang Hosted the 1st Cross-Strait Seminar on “Substance Abuse and Drug Rehabilitation”

On May 26- 27, 2014, under the organization of Prof. Shilong Yang, supervising chairman of AASAR and vice president of National Chung Cheng University, the 1st Cross-Strait Seminar on “Substance Abuse and Drug Rehabilitation” was held in the international conference hall of National Chung Cheng University. During the seminar, experts and scholars on drug prevention from Chinese Mainland and Taiwan shared and exchanged their latest research results. Spenser De Li, president of AASAR, was invited to attend this seminar.

Prof. Shilong Yang indicated that this seminar between experts and scholars from Chinese Mainland and Taiwan not only shared the research experience and achievements of current drug problems, but also aroused the concern on drug problems. In the meantime, it also provided important references for the legal, health, education and judicial police agencies in Chinese Mainland and Taiwan.

The Taiwan guests of this seminar include the government officials and representatives of civil society organizations from Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, Department of Prevention, Rehabilitation and Protection of Ministry of Justice, Department of Mental and Oral Health of Ministry of Health and Welfare, county magistrate of Chiayi County, Chiayi County Health Bureau, Taiwanese Society of Addiction Science, Buddhist Psychological Counselling Society in Taiwan and etc. The mainland delegation consists of over 70 experts and scholars, such as Baohui Li, director of council of China Association of Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment, Jie Shi, deputy director of National Institute on Drug Dependence of Peking University, Huihua Ren, dean of School of Criminal Investigation College of SWUPL, and etc. More than three hundred participants attended this seminar.