Addiction Psychological Counselors Primary Training was held successfully

Led by Professor Wang Zengzhen of the Asian Association for Substance Abuse Research, and organized by Professor Fan Ni, Professor Yuan Tifei, Chief Physist Du Jiang, psychological expert Shen Jing and more than 20 other professors, addiction experts and doctors from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, the primary training of psychological counselors for addiction abusers was successfully held recently. This training covered basic theory of addiction withdrawal, positive psychology, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, desensitization and withdrawal, crisis prevention and intervention, basic theory of psychology and other knowledge. The upper and middle training attracted more than 100 participants.


The first training was conducted in an online mode. Through the three-day training from November 20th to 22th, each student mastered a wealth of methods and theoretical knowledge of addiction treatment. In order to increase the practical experience of the trainees, the middle training adopted offline mode, which was successfully held in the Dongshan Hotel of Three Gorges in Yichang, Hubei Province from December 18th to 20th. The middle training focused on the motivation interview and the explanation of crisis intervention knowledge, which benefited the trainees a lot. The final training is being actively prepared and will soon meet with all the students.


Addiction Psychological Counselors Primary Training of Asian Association for Substance Abuse Research successfully filled in the blank in the field of addiction treatment in the Asia-Pacific region, the goal is to develop a technical good psychological consultant team which masters addiction counseling theories and methods, and to provide effective for patients, family and society, stable and credible services.


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