AASAR psychological class for relatives of drug addicts was successfully held

From 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on June 17, 2022, Professor Wang Zengzhen, vice director general of the Asian Association for Substance Abuse Research and chairman of the committee on psychotherapy for drug addiction of AASAR; Teacher Zhou Lihui,  national second-class psychological counselor and founder of Shenzhen Diandian youth drug addiction care center, brought a special class on how to help drug addicts fight inner desire -- psychological class for relatives of drug addicts -- to relatives of drug addicts, practitioners in relevant fields, and scholars from mainland China and overseas.


After Professor Spencer Li, chairman of AASAR, delivered a speech, the class was successfully carried out. The main content covers two parts: (1) how to help patients get rid of heart addiction, (2) the advantages of family system support therapy for drug addicts. As for how to help patients get rid of heart addiction, Professor Wang combined theory with practice and pointed out the key factors of relapse of drug addicts (drug-taking memory, clue sensitivity, negative emotion); the main theories of withdrawal addiction (memory consolidation theory, retrospective regression model) and effective methods, such as "five step desensitization method" and "vest desensitization method", were also introduced in the class, so as to eliminate the addictive memory, promote the rehabilitation of patients and enhance the well-being of patients and their families.

Starting from the traditional Chinese "family" culture, teacher Zhou emphasized the irreplaceable role of family members in the rehabilitation of drug addicts. By sharing cases encountered in drug rehabilitation practice, it fully illustrates the importance of family members' acceptance, tolerance, and care for drug addicts in the rehabilitation process. The addicts' family system support therapy can fully integrate the positive forces of the family, provide assistance to drug addicts in the four aspects of psychological pressure, economic burden, moral stigma and stabilization, and effectively help them gradually recover their health and social functions, so as to return to normal life.

This class attracted more than 100 listeners, the atmosphere was very warm and active. After the lecture, listeners asked questions enthusiastically. The two speakers patiently answered the questions and puzzles of drug addicts and their families, and provided the best solutions and rehabilitation countermeasures for everyone.