Addiction Psychological Counselors Primary (upper) Training Notice

With significant global incidence, substance addiction or behavioral addiction is challenging to cure and has a high relapse rate. It affects the patients’ physical and mental health, academic performance, career achievements, family relationships, and social lives. To help the patients and their families, there is an urgent need to develop a competent counselor workforce with theoretical knowledge and psychotherapy approaches for addiction treatment. Relevant experts at home and abroad have developed and verified a batch of effective therapy and intervention models, and our experts have also conducted a large number of successful training. To this end, society decided to develop a series of training addiction psychological counselors.


I. Training objectives: to enable trainees to master the theories, methods and techniques related to addiction and its psychotherapy, and to become primary, intermediate or advanced psychotherapy counselors of addiction, who are competent, competent, qualified and trustworthy, and can help patients, families and society in a real way.


II. Series of Training Contents, Teachers and Certification

1. Contents :(1) Basic theory of addiction abstinence: master the basic concepts and mechanisms of addiction, the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and evaluation methods of different addictive behaviors, etc. (2) Positive psychology, expressive art therapy, narrative therapy and family therapy to improve the positive energy of patients; (3) Motivational interview to help patients improve their withdrawal motivation; (4) Cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness to improve the drug withdrawal skills, emotional skills and life skills of patients; (5) Desensitization or withdrawal: theories and methods such as memory re-consolidation, eye movement desensitization and information reprocessing technology, Vivana therapy, hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic models; The application of artificial intelligence and digital therapy in addiction; "Vest" desensitization treatment; (6) Establishment of psychological correction system in drug rehabilitation sites, prevention and intervention of psychological crisis for drug addicts; Integrated psychotherapy; (7) theories and techniques of psychotherapy for alcohol addiction; (8) theories and methods of psychotherapy for tobacco addiction; Psychotherapy for gambling addiction; (9) Psychotherapy techniques and methods for Internet or mobile phone addiction; (10) Macao psychotherapy methods for addiction abstinence; (11) the methods and methods of psychological treatment for addiction in Hong Kong; (12) The basic theories, knowledge and skills of psychology are applicable to students who have no psychological consultant qualification certificate or have not received psychological training.

2. Teachers: Prof. Zengzhen Wang, Prof. Min Zhao, Prof. Hong Zeng, Prof. Ni Fan, Prof. Zhang Xiaochu, Prof. Difei Yuan, Chief Physician. Jiang Du, Drug psychological experts, ShenJing, Internet addiction specialist. Jiang Pu, Addiction psychological expert Zhanrui Liu (Macau) and Dr. Haiwen Wang, (Hong Kong), Dr. Zhong Qixia (Hong Kong), Yuan Rongqin international addiction therapist, Peihua Chen registered supervision division, etc.

3. Qualification certification: Level 3 certification requires 54 hours of primary (upper, middle and lower) courses and examination; Level 2 certificate is required for intermediate level

(upper, middle, and final) course 66 credit hours, assessment, and written case submission; Level 1 Certificate requires completion of Advanced (upper, intermediate, lower) courses

80 hours, assessment, case submission, and on-site case. Qualified by the Asian Association for the Study of Drug Abuse issued by addiction counselors

Qualifications are available on the AASAR website. If you have received psychological counseling training for addictive behavior organized by other institutions, you can reduce the corresponding class hours and apply for a certificate issued by this association. If you do not have a psychological consultant qualification certificate, you need to receive 60 hours of training in basic theory and methods of psychology.


III. Contents, methods, time, cost, and speakers of the first training

1. Contents: basic theories and methods of addiction and psychological intervention

2. Method: Online training

3. Time: 3 days, November 20-22, 9:00-12:00 a.m. 4. Speakers: Prof. Zengzhen Wang, Prof. Ni Fan, Chief Physician. Jiang Du, Drug psychological experts, ShenJing, Internet addiction specialist. Jiang Pu,

IV. Training Fee: Primary (upper) three days, online training RMB1800, 10% discount for members of Asian Society of Drug Abuse Research and Addictive Behavior Psychological Counseling Professional Committee of Hubei Marriage and Family Research Association. Contribute to the society members discount about 5%.

V. Registration contact person and contact information: Dr. Zhang Xiaohua, mobile phone number:13677656784, WeChat ID: Xiaohuazh


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