Addiction Psychological Counselors Primary (middle) Training Notice

With significant global incidence, substance addiction or behavioral addiction is challenging to cure and has a high relapse rate. It affects the patients’ physical and mental health, academic performance, career achievements, family relationships, and social lives. To help the patients and their families, there is an urgent need to develop a competent counselor workforce with theoretical knowledge and psychotherapy approaches for addiction treatment. Relevant experts at home and abroad have developed and verified a batch of effective therapy and intervention models, and our experts have also conducted a large number of successful training. To this end, society decided to develop a series of training addiction psychological counselors.

One of the contents of this issue is the motivational interview, the global mainstream psychotherapy for addiction withdrawal. The goal is to enable counselors to stimulate, enhance and consolidate the client's motivation for addiction withdrawal, and lay the foundation for subsequent psychotherapy for addiction withdrawal. The second content is crisis assessment and intervention, the goal is to identify the crisis existing in drug users, know how to resolve the crisis, in order to ensure the safety of counselors and patients, so as to carry out psychological correction smoothly.

1. Method and place: Offline training; Location: Dongshan Hotel, Three Gorges, Yichang, Hubei Province (designated hotel for the conference of Yichang CDC). Conference preferential price:210 yuan/standard room/day, including breakfast, please book by yourself.
2. Time: 3 days, December 18-20, 9:00-12:00 a.m.

3. Speakers: Wang Zengzhen (Professor), Yuan Rongqin (Senior Psychological Consultant and International Addiction Therapist)

 Training fee: internal training price: 2,100 yuan. 5 percent off if you sign up before December 10. Contact person and contact information: Du Feng, mobile phone number and WeChat ID:13693325157;

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