Addiction Psychological Counselors Primary (final) Training Notice

The correction of drug, substance and behavior addiction is in urgent need of a team of psychological counselors who master the theory and method of psychological counseling for addiction abstinence and have strong technical skills. Relevant domestic experts and abroad have verified a batch of effective therapy and intervention models, and our experts have carried out a lot of successful training. According to the needs of the society and the majority of addicts and their relatives, the society carries out a series of training for psychological counselors.

This content for cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness prevent recurrence (operations), is the world's mainstream addiction psychotherapy, the goal is to allow addiction psychological consultant to guide the parties to improve drug skills, emotional and social coping skills, and in different cases of inner feelings, feelings and thoughts, rational deal with risks and challenges, and mercy.

Those who have completed the training of primary addiction counselors (upper, middle and final) can apply for the examination of the tertiary addiction counselors qualification certificate.

I. Training method, place, time and speaker
1. Method and place: both offline and online training;
Offline location: 5-1622 Psychological Studio, Hankou New Territories, Wuhan, Hubei Province. Students from other places can book the nearest Shangkeyou online
Hotel or other hotel.
Online training: Goose through the platform, the staff will inform the way of login in advance.
2. Time: 3 days, March 19-21, 2021, 9:00-12:00 a.m. 3. Speakers: Wang Zengzhen (Professor), Du Jiang (Chief Physician), Shen Jing (Drug Rehabilitation Psychology Experts)

II. Training Fees:
Training fee: 2,100 yuan. Member of Asian Society of Drug Abuse Research, member of Hubei Marriage and Family Research Association

10% discount for first name, 5% discount for non-members; For registration after March 10, only members of the two sessions will get 5% discount. Take care of your own accommodation and transportation. Contact person and contact information:

Du Feng, mobile phone number and WeChat ID :13693325157