Addiction Psychological Counselors Intermediate Training Notice

Deep trauma therapy and positive psychology

Theory and practice of promoting positive energy in individual psychology

Addiction Psychological Counselors Intermediate Training Notice


The most important reasons leading to relapse of addiction patients are bad mood, demoralization, decreased positive energy, easy to be tempted and give up goals. When mood disorders occur, cravings arise automatically, even when there is no cue for addiction. How to get rid of psychological haze and real happiness, this difficult problem has been plaguing patients. The root of this problem lies in psychological trauma, especially psychosomatic trauma experienced at an early age, adverse stimuli received before birth, and even psychological trauma transmitted from generation to generation. These trauma packages have no chance to heal, leading to the gradual construction of a negative belief system, sensitive to external stimuli, negative cognition, serious insecurity, low self-worth, sense of loss of control, low self-esteem, low self-efficacy, and the flood of negative emotions.


How can we solve these problems? Needs to be addressed with deep trauma therapy and positive psychology. This training adopts the combination of theory and practice to heal deep trauma, including how to quickly see the image of inner trauma, how to see the injured inner child, how to quickly transform; How to use gestalt empty chair therapy and hypnosis technology to quickly heal trauma; How to use positive psychology theory and practice to help patients improve self-esteem, improve self-efficacy, cultivate personality closely related to happiness, how to quickly turn negative cognition into positive cognition; How high is the positive emotional rate for comfort and high performance, and how to guide individuals to obtain positive experience and sense of happiness? How can a therapist help you grow up fast? The training is going to achieve the goal.


I. Training method, place, time and speaker

1. Method: Offline and online training (encourage participation in offline training)

2. Location: Training Base for Addiction Psychological Counselors of Asian Association of Substance Abuse Research (Room 1622, Floor 16, Unit 1, Building 5, Hankou New Territories Plaza, Hanghang Road, Jianghan District, Wuhan) The link of online teaching will be sent to WeChat group before the class starts. Off-line trainees can book hotels online.

3. Time: 4 days, September 25-28, 2021, 9:00-12:00 a.m. 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

4. Speakers: Zhong Nian (Professor), Wang Zengzhen (Professor), Shen Jing ( psychological correction experts of the Ministry of Justice)


Ii. Training Fees:

Training fee: RMB 3200. 10% discount for members of AASAR and Hubei Marriage and Family Research Society; 5% discount for non-members.

Registration after September 20, only members enjoy discount 5%. 


Contact person and contact information:

Mr. Du Feng, mobile phone number and WeChat account :13693325157


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