Successful Election of the New Leadership for the Committee on Psychotherapy for Drug Addiction (CPDA) of the Asian Association for Substance Abuse Research (AASAR)

On the morning of June 6, 2024, the Committee on Psychotherapy for Drug Addiction (CPDA) of the Asian Association for Substance Abuse Research (AASAR) successfully conducted its online election meeting, ushering in a new phase of development for the committee.

The meeting was chaired by Xinyou Lv, the Secretary-General, who introduced the guests, including Professor De Li, the President of AASAR, Professor Zengzhen Wang, the former Chairperson of CPDA, Professor Xiaochu Zhang from the University of Science and Technology of China, and other experts and committee members. Xinyou Lv warmly welcomed everyone and emphasized the crucial role of CPDA in advancing research and practice in psychotherapy for drug addiction.

In his speech, Professor De Li praised the work of CPDA over the past year and expressed his hopes for the new leadership to continue leading the field of substance abuse research in Asia. Professor Zengzhen Wang, as the former Chairperson, reviewed the establishment and development of CPDA, expressing confidence in its future and thanking all the experts and committee members for their dedication.

After a rigorous election process, the new leadership team of CPDA was officially announced. Xinyou Lv congratulated Professor Xiaochu Zhang and the newly elected principal members on their election. Professor Xiaochu Zhang was unanimously elected as the new Chairperson, while Professors Tifei Yuan, Hong Zeng, and Ni Fan were elected as Deputy Chairpersons.

In his speech, the new Chairperson, Professor Xiaochu Zhang, expressed his gratitude to the previous Chairperson and outlined the work plans and objectives of the new committee. He emphasized that CPDA will strive to enhance academic research and innovation, improve the quality of psychological intervention and treatment, strengthen family support and community rehabilitation efforts, and foster international cooperation and exchanges to jointly promote the development of psychotherapy for drug addiction.

The meeting concluded with lively discussions and exchanges among committee members, who shared their insights and experiences in the field of psychotherapy for drug addiction and discussed future development directions and challenges. They agreed that strengthening cross-sectoral collaboration, prevention, and early intervention are crucial to advancing the field of psychotherapy for drug addiction.

With the establishment of the new leadership team, CPDA of AASAR will continue to uphold its mission and contribute significantly to promoting research, practice, and international exchanges in drug addiction psychotherapy in the Asian region, contributing to the global efforts in drug addiction treatment.



The Election Results of the 2024 Committee on Psychotherapy for Drug Addiction (CPDA) of the Asian Association for Substance Abuse Research (AASAR)

主任委員 Chairman

張效初 Xiaochu Zhang

副主任委員 Vice Chairman

袁逖飛 Tifei Yuan,曾紅 Hong Zeng,範妮 Ni Fan 

秘書長 Secretary General

呂心遊 Xinyou Lv

常委Member of Standing Committee

庫逸軒 Yixuan Ku, 劉傳龍 Chuanlong Liu, 胡鐘鳴 Zhongming Hu, 周麗輝 Lihui Zhou, 藍曉嫦 Xiaochang Lan, 薛言學 Yanxue Xue, 鮑彥平 Yanping Bao, 袁凱 Kai Yuan, 胡玉正 Yuzheng Hu, 劉鈺 Yu Liu, 張毅 Yi Zhang, 呂心遊 Xinyou Lv, 劉展瑞 Zhanrui Liu, Sara Zhong, Ching-Po Lin, 江海峰 Haifeng Jiang, 葉雄 Xiong Ye, 王婷 Ting Wang, 周瑞香 Ruixiang Zhou, 丁增輝 Zenghui Ding, 劉志遠 Zhiyuan Liu, 丁小斌 Xiaobin Ding, 孫小好 Xiaohao Sun, 段海軍 Haijun Duan