Professor Jiang Zuzhen from The National Police University for Criminal Justice visited the Criminal Investigation Police University of China

On April 13, 2021, Jiang Zuzhen, Department Head of Corrective Education Department ofThe National Police University for Criminal Justice, Zhang Kai, Associate Department Head of Corrective Education Department, and Professor Qin Rui visited School of Narcotics Control and Public Security of Criminal Investigation Police University of China. Dean Guan Chunxing, Vice Dean Xiao Hanqiang and teachers of Narcotics Control Department warmly received and held a business symposium.

At the meeting, the two sides introduced the construction of their school and the major respectively, had in-depth exchanges on the curriculum setting, teaching staff construction, laboratory construction, student training and other work, and fully discussed the hot issues in the theory and practice of drug rehabilitation.

After the symposium, Department Head Jiang Zuzhen and his delegation visited the Comprehensive Training Hall of Criminal Investigation Police University of China, the School History Hall and the Branch Center of Criminal Investigation Police University of China of the National Drug Laboratory.