President of AASAR, Professor Spencer Li discussed the substance abuse problem in Macau with the officials of Social Welfare Bureau

On October 29, Professor Spencer De Li, president of the Asian Association for Substance Abuse Research, led a doctoral research team to hold a meeting with the Social Welfare Bureau to discuss the current substance abuse problem in Macao. The officials of the Social Welfare Bureau included Director Hon Wei,Department head Cheang Io Tat, and Mr. Tang Zhenyu. Combined with the data from the large-scale hidden drug use survey conducted by the research team, Professor Spencer De Li described and analyzed the current substance abuse trend in Macao, as well as the demand of substance abusers for the related treatment and services.

Professor Spencer De Li's research has filled in the blank on substance abuse in Macao, and the research results fully reflect the current real substance abuse situation in Macao and provide valuable suggestions for future development.

Officials of the Social Welfare Bureau thanked Professor Spencer De Li for his efforts and acknowledged the achievements of the research team. They also stressed that Macao, as an important member of the Greater Bay Area and a major participant of Hengqin Guangdong-Macao Deep cooperation Zone, will play an irreplaceable role in the future development. The current research on substance abuse in Macao is bound to provide valuable experience for the future related issues in Deep cooperation Zone. We look forward to further research by Professor Spencer De Li to explore the establishment and development of social services including substance abuse services in Deep cooperation Zone